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Not exactly dolls, but I had to share. Went to the mall a few day ago (to get our tires changed at Sears) and walked around for a bit. They didn’t have Slo Mo at the Justice (or the Picnic 2Pk at TRU for that matter) but I did mange to get these two cuties at Hot Topic! It was Buy 1 get 1 50% everything. I love Loki in the movies, so I had to snatch him up! And this Unicorn from Tokidoki really popped out at me; they had the white one as well but I much preferred the black one

A few days ago while me and my family were out and about, I managed to get these beautiful ladies. I got the remaining Pinkie Cooper girls that I needed, who were sadly on clearance. Than we headed to Justice and I got Cedar and Cupid

He looks so great OOB!

Look who arrived today!